SRS re-opens gates for public tours

The Savannah River Site closed its gates to public tours after the 9-11 tragedy in New York. Nearly eight years later, the site will re-open its gates giving the public an opportunity to sign up for bus tours of the site that encompasses over 310 square miles. The tourists will not leave the bus on this three-hour tour. Spaces are filling up quickly and according to SRS Spokesman, Will Callicott, there may be no more available spaces by the end of the day.
“There’s quite a lot of demand from people out there who want to see and understand more about the Savannah River Site,” said Callicott.
“We’re opening the gates again. We started online registration for the next series of tours yesterday, for tour that would be held in September, and it’s quite likely that by the end of the day all those seats will fill up.”
Callicott says most people qualify for the tour. According to Callicott, “You need to be a U.S. citizen. You need to be at least 18-years-old with a valid photo I.D. that you would be required to supply on the date of the tour and you need to provide your social security number. We do conduct a security check prior to each tour but, other than that, you just go and sign up, if there are still seats available, at”
He says the tours generally surprise people. “For the most part it does not look like what people to expect it to. It is a very clean, very pristine environment. Lots of pine trees with some number of industrial facilities that you get to drive by and hear an explanation of although only about 10 percent of the site has ever been developed for industrial purpose,” he said.

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