QuikTrip to pay $750K in back wages

A convenience store chain with about a dozen locations in the Omaha area is accused of not paying its workers their due for overtime and bonuses. Elizabeth Todd, spokeswoman for the U-S Labor Department, says Oklahoma-based QuikTrip is agreeing to pay nearly $750,000 to employees in Nebraska and eight other states.

Todd says the investigation found Tulsa-based QuikTrip violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by failing to pay its employees the overtime compensation they were entitled to receive. She says QuikTrip also failed to pay the additional overtime premiums on performance-related bonuses.

She says, “There are about 3,819 employees involved in the investigation.” Todd couldn’t say how many employees in Nebraska are getting the back-pay. “QuikTrip cooperated with the investigation and they have agreed to future compliance,” she says.

Q-T has 11 stores in the Omaha area, along with dozens more in Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. Todd says, “We’re very pleased that the case resulted in collecting all of these backwages for these employees.”

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