Program offers assistance to anxious vets

If you’re a veteran from Iraqi or Afghanistan and you’re experiencing problems with stress, anxiety, disturbed sleep, nightmares, or depression, then you’re invited to take part in a research project through the Dorn V-A Medical Center and the University of South Carolina. Researchers are conducting a study of new treatments for veterans that don’t use drugs.
Dr. Shawn Youngstedt says post-traumatic stress disorder if very common among vets and can be hard to treat.  “”The treatments we are examining are bright light treatment, which has been used for other mental health problems, and negative ion exposure, which has also been shown to be helpful. We think it might help in many things, such in mood level, and sleep, and cognitive function.”
All participants in the research project will receive $600, just for trying treatments over a five-week period. Call the Dorn VA Hospital or USC School of Public Health to sign up for the program.
Youngstedt says the experimental treatments are not only not dangerous, but should be helpful.  “These are non-drug treatments. They’ve been around for a while. They have never been used to study Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. And we think potential benefits much outweigh any potential risks for this study.”

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