Missing man found naked behind Battery wall

Charleston Police found a naked man behind the Battery wall in Charleston Monday morning.
The man, that was reported missing by the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, was found hiding close to the Battery wall when police arrived.
“They found that a man had taken off his clothes, and placed on the hood of his car, and jumped the Battery wall, and was hiding against the wall, when police got there and they found him,” says Francis.
City of Charleston Police Public Information Officer Charles Francis says the man was nude when police found him, and he told police someone was chasing him. The officers at the scene did not see anyone after the man.
“EMS came and got him and took him to the hospital for observation yesterday (Monday) morning about 8:00 or so,” says Francis.
The man, who’s name has not yet been identified, was held for observation as the Medical University of South Carolina.

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