Sanford hearings put Senate Republicans at odds

Greenville Senator David Thomas , with his authority as chairman of the Senate Finance subcommittee, held a hearing Friday at the statehouse to review Governor Mark Sanford’s travel budget. The governor’s travel has been scrutinized by the public and the press since the his admission of taking time away from his post —to have an affair with a woman in Argentina.
But Thomas’s fellow Republican and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Hugh Leatherman has said that it is too early for an investigation. He told AP that the media should spend more time uncovering issues.
Thomas disagrees, “We’re not waiting for the press to do our job for us. There’s certainly been enough out there in the public eye that it is incumbent upon the legislature to look properly where it ought to look to see if there are problems that have arisen.”
The two other subcommittee members were not at the subcommittee hearing which consisted of Thomas questioning state law enforcement director Reggie Lloyd about his review of the governor’s state spending records.
Senator Greg Ryberg, on vacation with his famiy, sent a statement saying, “”SLED has reviewed the travel in question, and I know of no reason to continue this discussion. South Carolina faces double-digit unemployment, record budget cuts and billions of dollars in state debt and unfunded liabilities. The General Assembly must focus on these issues and stop rehashing old news.”

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