More arrests made in Midlands area church burglaries

More arrests have been made in a series of summer church break-ins in Lexington County. Lexington County Sheriff James Metts says 19 year old Ashley Marie Spires and Glen Daniel Adams III have been charged with second degree burglary in connection with two church break-ins in Lexington County.
A week ago, 18 year old Kayla Ann Graydon and 20 year olds Patrick Burton Olvey of Gilbert and James Richard Osborne of Little Mountain were arrested in connection with 20 church burglaries in Lexington, Calhoun and Newberry Counties. Sheriff Metts says the motive was getting money to purchase drugs.
“They felt that churches were easy targets to get money. They felt that they could take that money or items they could quickly convert into money and use that money to buy “pot,” marijuana. They wanted to smoke the marijuana and live in motels and have a good time doing that.”     
Arrest warrants state that Adams and Spires accompanied Graydon and Osborne  on June 14 when Graydon and Osborne broke into St. Matthews Lutheran Church and that Adams and Spires were with Graydon and Osborne on June 15 when they broke into Oakwood Baptist Church in Lexington.
Sheriff Metts says for now the investigation of the break-ins continues. “The investigation is still ongoing. I don’t know whether we’re going to uncover any additional individuals or not, but it’s still too premature at this time to say.”

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