BAE Systems expands in Charleston, creating more jobs

BAE Systems- North Charleston facilityBAE Systems is expanding its North Charleston operations to accommodate a growing electronics engineering program.
“It’s a major milestone for BAE Systems as we have taken a small, $20 million organization and grown it over the past five years, into now a $130 million organization with a rich pipeline to continue that growth into the future,” says BAE Vice President Richard Anderson.
The South Carolina Department of Commerce, the Charleston Regional Development Alliance, the City of North Charleston, and Charleston County joined collaboratively for this effort, which is part of a BAE consolidation of three facilities into one. Anderson says the investment is expected to create 75 jobs, and bring in around $4.5 million this year, and 100 more jobs in 2010.
“It’s great because it’s gonna be a mixture of jobs. It’s gonna be administrative jobs to support, it’s gonna be technicians and mechanics building and assembling, and going out in the field and building and assembling and maintaining. And, it’s gonna be high-end engineering jobs that are going to be doing the design, the requirement analysis. So, it’s a nice spectrum of jobs,” says Anderson.
BAE focuses primarily on the fabrication of shipboard simulators, access control security systems, fuel handling equipment, communications and IT networks, and other classified electronic systems. Much of the work BAE produces in Charleston is for the U.S. Navy. Anderson says Charleston is a great place for this type of expansion.
“We can find the engineers, the technicians, the mechanics, we can find them in the local area, and the people that we find are good people who understand an honest day’s work for an honest day’s wage, and the other thing we like in Charleston is its also a good community, so while we have a customer, and we’re doing good work, when we have doing honorable work, when our employees go home at night, they go home to a good community,” says Anderson.
BAE’s new consolidated facility will sit on 74,000-square-feet at North Charleston’s Aviation Business Park.
Listen here to portion of Anderson’s interview

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