Upstate couple sentenced for starving children

A couple has been sentenced to 30 years in prison and must serve at least 17 years of that before they will be eligible for parole for starving and abusing their three foster children. A Spartanburg County jury convicted them Thursday afternoon following a two-hour deliberation.
Scott and Molly McCurry, now divorced, received 20 years in prison for inflicting great bodily on a child and 10 years for unlawful conduct toward a child. The sentences will run concurrently.
Police removed the boys, then ages 5, 7 and 8, all nephews of Molly McCurry, from the McCurry home in July 2006 after they were reported by a neighbor. Testimony revealed that they were tied to their beds and had bed sores and lice.
Seventh-cuircuit Solicitor’s spokesman Murray Glenn says the children are now doing well, two years later, under the control of the Department of Social Services.  “Mindboggling is a good way to describe this case.  There were many tears shed in our office, as we worked through the evidence that was so well collected by the Spartanburg County Sherriff’s Office.”
Glenn says the case shocked those who worked on it.   He says no one in his office can explain the level of abuse.  “It has been difficult to put our minds around it.  We don’t believe there’s any logical explaination for what was done to those children.”
Glenn says it became a blame game.  Molly McCurry said she was a victim of an abuse situation herself and couldn’t leave.  Scott McCurry said he worked long hours and wasn’t aware of the children’s condition. He said his wife had a drug problem and had wasted financial assistance for the children from the state.  He said the boys were tied to their beds to keep them from having sexual contact with each other.
The Department of Social Services took the children from their biological mother in 2003 due to neglect.
Officials said all three children were at risk of death. The 5-year-old, who was in the worst condition.  He weighed 19 pounds. Medical symptoms of starvation include shrinking of the stomach and severe diarrhea; reduced heart size, and ultimately, heart failure; reduced lung capacity; and in children, mental retardation.

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