McMaster wants Craiglist's lawsuit dropped

South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster wants a federal judge to dismiss Craiglist’s complaint against him. According to court papers filed this week, McMaster says the company based in San Francisco had not proven that he violated employees’constitutional rights by threatening to prosecute the company for carrying prostitution-related advertisements.
In May, McMaster gave Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster a 10-day deadline to remove ads related to prostitution and pornography from its South Carolina websites or face possible charges.The on-line advertising service subsequently removed its “erotic services” section, while pledging to screen submissions to its new “adult services” category before posting the ads. McMaster said that wasn’t good enough, and that he still intended to charge executives of the website with aiding and abetting prostitution if an ad led to a South Carolina prostitution case. Buckmaster inititally demanded an apology from McMaster. He later sued the State Attorney General saying that threats of prosecution had violated employees’constitutional rights to free speech and personal liberties.

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