New fire sprinkler program could save lives

A new program in South Carolina, that calls for businesses and buildings to use fire sprinklers for protection, could lead the way for the rest of the nation.
“The ‘Life Saver on Duty Program’ is a emblem sticker that can be placed in the front of a business that is fully protected by automatic fire sprinklers. It is a public education initiative to make the public more aware of which buildings are protected by automatic fire sprinklers,” says Patterson.
The President of the South Carolina Fire Sprinkler Association, Jamie Patterson, explains the reason behind the new program.
“To make the connection between sprinklers and safety. Most people don’t think about sprinklers, we’re trying to disspell some myths and make people aware that sprinklers do in fact save lives,” says Patterson.
The South Carolina Fire Sprinkler Association has partnered with fire departments across South Carolina and the South Carolina State Firefighters Association for this program, and it looks for other states to follow.
“Hopefully it will put us in the forefront of fire safety, and just let the rest of the nation see us as a leader in trying to be more pro-active and have better protection,” says Patterson.
Patterson says they have now held press conferences announcing this initiative in Columbia and Charleston. He says next they will head to the Upstate.

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