Honeywell expands York County Plant

Honeywell will expand its Clover facility. The state Department of Commerce expects the $10.5 million investment to generate 80 new jobs in the next five years. Glenn R. McCloskey, Clover operations manager for Honeywell Safety Products, in a statement released by the South Carolina Department of Commerce, says, “The facility expansion will accommodate additional local manufacturing capability important for our growth in the personal protective equipment market.”
Honeywell Safety Products says it is expanding the facility to accommodate the addition of a new product line. The company manufactures a wide range of protective and safety gloves for fire service, utility and general industrial workers. The initial investment of $4.5 million and creation of the first 30 jobs are expected in 2010, with the rest of the investment and jobs coming online by 2013.
“Honeywell Safety Products is one of the largest providers of personal protective equipment for fire service, electrical safety and general industry workers. They are a world-class company and have been a strong corporate citizen in our state for a number of years and we are thrilled that they have chosen to grow here,” said Joe Taylor, SC Secretary of Commerce.
“I’m thrilled that Honeywell Safety Products has chosen to grow and advance their company in South Carolina. Honeywell has been a thriving presence in our state for years, and their new investment will help create new jobs and encourage other valuable business growth in South Carolina,” said Sen. Jim DeMint.
York County Econominic Development Director Mark Farris had this to say, “Honeywell actually is a former North Safety Hand facility that’s right off Highway 321 South, in Clover.  The Honeywell folks manufacture safety gloves, all types, leadline for the nuclear industry, beetle gloves, and this would actually be a latex glove they would be manufacturing with this new product line.  They have about 80 employees there now, and this should add about an additional 80 employees to that facility.”
Farris said this about when hiring for the new jobs could start, “The jobs unfortunately won’t be available immediatly, they will after the facility is constructed and the building is available for operation, they’ll begin to hire the employees.  That should be in about nine months.”

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