Search continues for Edisto drowning victim

Rescue crews are searching for the body of a drowning victim from over the weekend.
Divers and recovery teams are looking for 20-year-old Casie Barton of Goose Creek, near Charleston, that drowned in the Edisto River on Saturday. Barton was on a float while out in the river with her friends, and, as a Department of Natural Resource spokesman said, a bystander saw her swimming, and then she disappeared. WCSC in Charleston reports officials believe Barton went out approximately 75 yards from the dock near Maservi landing off the Edisto River. The Department of Natural Resources and Colleton and Dorchester County rescue crews are back in the waters today, looking for the body.
“From the area she was last seen, we do a grid search, they lay anchors down with a line, and the divers go up and down the line, searching every part of the bottom.”
The crews will have to search for the body under low visibility conditions, which makes it ever harder for them to find the body, but that is not stopping their continuing search. Officials do think there may have been alcohol involved, which could have played a part in Barton’s drowning.

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