Inglis speaks out against Democrat's health care plan

Congressman Bob Inglis voiced his concern over the latest democratic health care plans today, speaking to a number of residents at Camille’s in downtown Greenville.  “The big problem with the President’s plan and the Democrats who control Congress is that it creates a public option.  They say that will bring down costs.  But it won’t.  The Congressional Budget Office has told them that their plan does nothing to control costs.” 
Inglis asserts that a public health care system is not the way to go.   “I’m concerned that the public option would eliminate the competition from private insurers and drive us toward a single-payer system of healtcare, which is what we want to avoid.  We want to keep choice of insurance companies, so we can keep choice of providers, so we can keep the quality that we have in our health care system.”   
Inglis also spoke earlier today in Spartanburg.

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