Executive Office for US Attorneys moving to Columbia

Senator Lindsey Graham making the announcement

The US Department of Justice has agreed to a 20-year lease for the building currently housing USC’s Darla Moore School of Business in Columbia. The buildings are right next to the National Advocacy Center, where federal and state prosecutors from all over the country are trained. The business buildings will be used to house staff from the Executive Office for US Attorneys in Washington, DC. That will bring more than 250 high-paying jobs to Columbia and allow the university to construct a new building for the business school. The move is expected to take approximately four years. US Deputy Attorney General David Ogden says the advocacy center has come a long way.  “Since its opening, more than 130, 000 federal and state attorneys have attended courses at the NAC.  That’s remarkable.  In 2008 alone, the NAC trained more than 23,000 people.” 

Graham speaks with the media following the press conference

Senator Lindsey Graham played a crtical role in facilitating approval for the endeavor. He explains that it’s a way to save money.  “It means that the Department of Justice, by consolidating its Executive Brance services in Columbia will save $42 million over time.  It’s a win win.  And the Department of Justice will expand it’s training to help the entire nation.” 
Director of the National US Attorney’s Office Marshall Jarrrett.  “Our attorneys will be better trained to fight crime and serve justice.” 
USC President Harris Pastides said that it’s a great moment for the university.  “The agreement will allow us to move foward and contruct a new building for the internationally recognized Darla Moore School of Business, in the heart of the Innovista Distrist, a move which will be transformative for that district.”  
Innovista is the university’s innovative research district.

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