Women missionaries hold "tent revival" at statehouse

A group of all female missionaries who are currently touring the country have made a stop at the South Carolina statehouse for an old fashioned “tent revival” this weekend. But group leader Dr. Luauna Stines of Mission America & A Touch From Above out of San Diego, California says they won’t use a tent for Saturday night’s 7:30 event, even though they travel with one in their large truck.Stines says the cross-country tour is landing in all 50 states, numberous locations in some states, to re-establish a Christian foundation for all of the nation’s elected officials.  “Corruptions starts in the government and it has bled its way all the way down to the streets and the school system, and that’s why we’re in trouble.  We need to go back to the basics of what God said.” 
Stines says they did not show up just because of Governor Sanford’s controversy surrounding an Argentine woman. They were already in Atlanta and South Carolina was next on the schedule.    But Stines says it’s true that her own husband was brutally murdered while committing adultery.
Stines says their message is directed at government.  “It’s time.  American needs to wake up, we need God back in our government, back in our schools, back in our teenagers, and most of all, back in the government.”

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