State's future business leaders test their skills in Business Week

In Clinton, two hundred of South Carolina’s students who aspire to be business leaders have been testing their skills at South Carolina Business Week at Presbyterian College.For the 26th year, teams of students developed mock companies, led by company advisors loaned from some of South Carolina’s most prestigious businesses. workshops are designed to achieve a real company feel with, real-world situations.

Business Week students listen to a lecture

The faculty is made of South Carolina professionals and CEOs in business, education and government who share their specialized knowledge and skills with students.
One of those leaders is SC Chamber of Commerce CEO Otis Rawl who states, “We’ve got about 200 of South Carolina’s best and brightest kids from all across the state, coming from small schools as well as large schools. All of these kids are in the top third of their class.”
Rawl says that while students may have the technical skills–it’s the old-fashioned personal skills that always need polishing, “They missed the little things that should be very obvious to them that they should be getting in school, that they don’t get in school. They’ve got to get this and understand it somehow, this is what businesses are really looking for. We are looking for educated, well-mannered, well-placed, well-rounded kids.”
The state chamber president says only recently did schools begin to prepare students for the business world, “Up until three or four years ago, until we created the Education Economic Devolopment Act that started focusing on clusters within the high schools. Where kids could use their elective hours to kind of look and see what they really wanted to do or what they were going to college for.”
South Carolina Business Week –for this year— just wrapped up at Presbyterian College in Clinton.

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