SC Congressman opposes Obama's health reform plan

The Obama Administration’s health reform bill, that would create a large tax on the rich, but bring health insurance to many of the 46 million Americans who don’t have it, was approved 23-18 by a U.S. congressional committee Friday.
Some Republicans object. One of them is Republican U.S. Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina’s District 2, which covers Beaufort, Hampton, and Allendale. This district has the second highest diabetes rate in the country and Wilson says Obama’s plan will end up hurting the people he represents.
“We know that diabetes causes many other collateral health conditions, and quality of life is destroyed, families are destroyed because of diabetes. So, by adopting a big government system where people fall through the cracks, there are a lot of people, particularly people in the rural community I represent, who are going to be hurt,” says Wilson.
The plan is estimated to cost $1 trillion, raising the taxes of individuals who make more than $350,000, and the House Ways and Means Committee agreed to this tax hike. Critics, like Wilson, say this will hurt small businesses.
Wilson says the extensive bill states that more than 1.6 million jobs will be lost through the bill.
“I don’t want to be conspiratorial, but it is sad to me they don’t care about unemployment and the loss of jobs, and the Republicans here in the House are working for reforms of insurance to provide that people can buy insurance online between states, to provide for the ability of association of health plans so small businesses can get the same rates as a big business,” says Wilson.
Wilson says Democrats, and the Obama Administration, has been blocking these “Republican” initiatives, so the Democrats could have a big government take-over and block the private sector. As dramatic as it sounds, Wilson says this plan will determine people’s livelihoods.
“It’ll be rationing based on different factors that they factor in, not based on rational basis where people have a choice, it will be the government determining the care you get and ultimately whether you live or die,” says Wilson.
The bill now heads to two other House committees.

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