Boy's body covered in kitty litter

More details are being released concerning the death of 12 year old Michael Belitz. He was found dead inside a home at 28th and Ida Monday after police were called to check on the well being of a mother and a child. Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine says officers made a grizzly discovery.
“He was found in the bathtub. He was bound. His hands were tied at the wrists with duct tape in front of his body. His legs were also bound with duct tape.”
Kleine says there was a small amount of water in the bath tub.
“It appears there were attempts made to hide the odor. There was quite a bit of kitty litter that was placed over the body. There were bags covering the body.”
Kline says more disturbing is what was found inside the bathroom.
“There were also garbage bags that were placed inside five-gallon buckets. There were also tools that appeared to be those that might be used at some point in time to dispose of the remains.”
Kleine says those tools were an axe and a boning knife. The cause of death may never be known due to the state of decomposition.
The mother, Angela Manns, was not home when police arrived. However, she wasn’t far away.
“She came by the house and saw the officers and she did not stop. They followed her and tracked her down and finally got her stopped.”
Manns is being held without bond and Kleine says he is looking closely to see if the death penalty applies.

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