Brutal Murder shocks community

The brutal murder of 12 year old Michael Belitz (BEE-lit-z) has shocked the entire Omaha community but no one has been hit harder than his classmates at Mini Lusa Elementary School. Omaha Public School District spokesperson Luanne Nelson says counselors will be available on Friday to help students deal with his death.
“We know there are students that would like to visit to some of our counselors and psychologists to share their feelings regarding Michael’s death.”
“Michael has been described as a very outgoing child and no doubt had lots of friends. Nelson says these children will need help in dealing with the loss.”
“Our counselors and psychologists generally offer a listening ear and compassion and empathy.”
Nelson says children need help understanding the horrific way Michael died.
“Because of the alleged circumstances of Michael’s death, no one should have to deal with something this severe.”
More information from authorities is being released. Michael’s body was found with his legs and wrists bound tightly with duct tape. Authorities say he had been dead for at least two weeks and the condition of his body was badly decomposed. It appears there were no broken bones but due to the condition of the body, it is not known if there were any wounds or bruises.
Authorities found Michael’s body partly covered in cat litter to reduce the smell and part of his body was covered in garbage bags.
Michael’s mother, 46 year old Angela Manns is facing a first degree murder charge and it is not yet known if Douglas County Attorney Don Kline is reviewing the case to decide if the death penalty is warranted.

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