Alleged child killer's arraignment moved

The court arraignment has been canceled today for the man who allegedly killed an 8-year-old girl last week.  The Spartanburg County magistrate’s office says Ricky Blackwell’s arraignment has been canceled for today. Blackwell was released from the Spartanburg Regional Medical Center Wednesday after recovering from a gunshot wound to the stomach which authorities say was self-inflicted.
The Spartanburg County solicitor’s office requested to do the arraignment and bond hearing in circuit court. No date has been scheduled.
Blackwell was charged with first-degree murder after authorities say he went to a home last week and shot Heather Brooke Center four times in the head and neck in connection with a domestic dispute. Center was the daughter of the boyfriend of his estranged wife, Angela Blackwell. Solicitor Trey Gowdy says they will seek the death penalty against Blackwell, who was taken into the Spartanburg County Jail yesterday wearing a bullet proof vest.

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