Woman in her 50's from Custer County dies from H1N1

A woman in her 50’s with several underlying health condition isthe first person to die from H1 N1 Flu Virus in the state. The woman is from Custer County. Her name and town are not being released.
This case is out of the norm as the State’s Chief Medical officer Dr. Joanne Schaeffer says only 17 of the 264 cases in the state have been from people over 50 years old. Most of the cases have been linked to those 24 and under.
At a news conference attended by the Nebraska Radio Network, Shaefer says she is worried about the upcoming school year. She feels more cases will arise at that time.
A vaccine is being tested, but will not be ready by the start of school. Schaefer advises those with even mild symtoms of the flu to stay home from work and school.
The Federal Government has released $2 million dollars to help in fighting the spread of the virus.

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