New secret shopper scam in Nebraska

A warning from Attorney General Jon Bruning. There is a new secret shopper scam being sent to consumers through e-mail or through the U-S Post Office.
“Offered a chance to be a secret shopper. The trick here is what is being provided is a check for training. Well the check is a fake check.”
Bruning says they receive the training check and then are asked to cash it and then send or wire money back to the business.
“The checks have been 2 to 3 thousand dollars and there is a new twist on this. There is a phone number and they appear to come from a Nebraska bank.”
Bruning says the check looks very legitimate.
“There is a phone number on the check and indeed if a bank locally, if you try to cash it will follow up, there is somebody on the other end of the call that is keeping track of these fraudulent checks that have been sent out.”
Of course the check is a fake and if the bank cashes it, the consumer is out that money. Bruning says if you receive an e-mail or a letter that includes information about a pre-paid check for services, give his office a call.
“Wish they would contact our office. We are trying to keep track of just how many there are out there. The State Patrol has been very diligent in this regard in hopes we can catch who’s behind it.”
About 300 people nationwide have already fallen victim to this scam.

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