Governor will not be impeached, says Land

While calls for the governor to resign or be impeached have quieted, the state’s Democratic leaders are saying they want, at the least, more disclosure of the governor’s economic development activities or lack thereof, says John Land.
“Number one, he ought to disclose all of his responses back and forth and emails to the Department of Commerce in regard to when they have called him to be at a certain place and a certain time to meet with certain people for economic development purposes,” said Land.
“It appears that he is simply not doing his job.”
The Clarendon Senator’s request comes after The State newspaper reports that the governor declined to attend the some meetings in Argentina to spend more time in Buenos Aires where his mistress lives. Land says it’s still a good idea to officially question the governor’s actions of the past year as was done by his Senate colleague, Republican Jake Knotts.
Land says, “And that may well be something that we need to do, but there again, this is a republican thing and the Republican House and the Republican Senate would need to make that call. I don’t believe the democrats would stand in the way of them having an investigation through the committee system into Sanford’s activities.”
The state’s democratic leaders, including Senator Land, say there is no chance that the Republican majority in the legislature will impeach Governor Mark Sanford. According to Land, “The republicans have to provide the vote. The Republican Executive Committtee met and, evidently, they are satisfied with Sanford being the Picture or Head of the Republican Party in South Carolina. I reckon that will flow over to the republican members of the House of Representatives.”
Land says that the next session of the state legislature will be an ineffective one for the governor.

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