Former county councilman sentenced for computer spying

Former Greenville County Councilman Tony Trout has been sentenced to one year and one day in prison and must pay $400 in court costs. That sentence was handed down Wednesday afternoon in federal court in Spartanburg. Trout was convicted in April of illegally accessing a computer, destroying records and intentionally intercepting and disclosing electronic communications. U-S attorney Walt Wilkins says it was a fair and just sentence.
“We’re certainly are satisfied with the sentence of 12 months and a day. This case is really more than about the sentence, it’s about the public trust that was instilled in Tony Trout and how he violated that trust as a Greenville County Councilman. In addition, it sends the message that computer intrusion is a serious crime.”  
Federal prosecutors say Trout used monitoring software to access County Administrator Joe Kernell’s computer, took private e-mails and posted them on a Web site. Trout must serve 85 percent of his sentence..He has 10 days to file an appeal. A forlorn Trout thanked his supporters.
“I really would like to thank the people of Greenville County for the letters, all the phone calls, and all the prayers. I think one man can still make a difference, but the jury said I wasn’t that man. “

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