Folly Beach talking trash

Charleston’s only alcohol permitted beach may change its law. Currently under consideration, the town of Folly Beach may ban alcohol on the beach after the amount of trash that more than 40,000 visitors left behind over the Fourth of July weekend. However, council members are trying to find other ways to prevent this from happening.
Tuesday night, Folly Beach residents joined town councilmen at a scheduled council workshop meeting and they held signs that read: “Litter Makes us Crabby.” Folly Beach Town Councilman Eddie Ellis says he doesn’t think the trash belonged to residents, and he feels like they do.
“Just really sickened about it because out here on the “Edge of America” we try to keep the Bohemian feel and we like people to come out here and be able to enjoy themselves, and it’s kind of a slap in the face. They come out here and leave all kinds of litter,” says Ellis.
Ellis says this year was the worst they had ever seen it. Right now, the town is looking at its options, and whether or not it should ban alcohol all together because most of the trash consisted of beer cans and alcohol bottles.
Elllis says the Tuesday’s meeting was one of brainstorming.
“We came up with some short-term things we can do, and some long-term. One thing is, of course, if people don’t have anywhere to put their trash, you’re gonna probably increase the volume of litter. So, we’re gonna try and pick up the amount of times we collect and put some more receptables at the end of the beach walk-overs,” says Ellis.
Ellis says they heard from residents at the meeting, and one resident had a good idea to start continuous pick-ups on the weekends during the season. No decision was made. Folly Beach Town Council will hold future meetings to discuss the matter.

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