USC receives $5 million for new orthopedic research center

A British medical technology company will invest $5 million to fund a sciences center at the University of South Carolina that focuses on orthopedic disorders and reconstruction.
Dr. Mike Matthews chairs USC’s Chemical Engineering Department. Matthews says the gift is being made by Smith & Nephew, a more than 150-year old company that makes joint replacements as well as endoscopies used during joint surgeries, as well as other medical supplies. He says the research center should lead to jobs and spinoff companies.  The gift was made to the South Carolina Research Centers for Economic Excellence.    Other partners in the center are the Orthopedic Research Foundation of the Carolinas is the research arm of the Stedman-Hawkins Clinic, which operates out of the Greenville Hospital System, known worldwide for its training of surgeons. 
Matthews says the project will attract a researcher, as we as students in exercise science, and will lead to further economic development.
Orthopedics is an important area of research, increasingly so, since the demographics of the nation are becoming older and more and more people are seeking orthopedic care.  He says it’s especially important in South Carolina which has a large number of retirees. 
That gift matches $5 million appropriated to the school’s Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Sciences Center in 2007.

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