Remains of Rock Hill plant to be demolished

A week after a July 3 blaze at the former Printing and Finishing plant in Rock Hill, the property’s owner, Lynn Stephenson, says plans have been underway for a while concerning the demolition of the property.
“In our agreement, once we have executed the contract and it is approved by City Council, we have 30 days to begin demolition and abatement,” said Blaze.
Stephenson says while the process has had several setbacks, once the final plans are approved, the demolition will start quite quickly.
“We have been working on a demolition and abatement agreement for a very long time,” she said. “It was kind of interesting to me when you evacuate your office and you have to bring your items back in, you start reorganizing your files. I came across a file where we had actually pulled our DHEC permit for demolition in July of 2007. So, even then, we thought we were close enough with the city in our agreements that we truly believed we were going to begin demolition.”
However, After a second fire flared up Friday afternoon in a different area of The Rock Hill Printing and Finishing Plant, formerly owned by the Springs Corporation, opened in 1929 and employed thousands of workers in the upstate.

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