MUSC receives $20 million award

MUSC (Photo: M. Brown)The Medical University of South Carolina has just earned a $20 million Clinical Translational Science Award, or CTSA, from the National Institutes of Health. MUSC Dr. Perry Halushka says MUSC is the only institution in South Carolina to receive this award. He explains its significance.
“It’s gonna allow us to build the infrastructure that’s gonna take basic science discoveries, laboratory discoveries to the patients and ultimately to the community faster than we have been able to ever do before. That’s the goal of the CTSA’s across the country, is to more rapidly take fundamental discoveries and take them to the patients, and improve, if you will, the health of our nation, and improve the treatment of diseases,” says Halushka.
Halushka explains specifically what the money will be used for.
“First of all it will be used to hire more individuals, what we call high-paying jobs, it will be used to most importantly train the next generation of clinition scientists, those individuals that will make important discoveries and be able to take them to the bed side, as we say, or to the patients. And it will also fund some research,” says Halushka.
Halushka says there’s only 40 of these prestigious awards in the nation, and it’s a huge accomplishment for South Carolina.
“It’s gonna also help the economy of the state of South Carolina by employing more people, making discoveries which can ultimately be pattoned, licensed and bring economic development to the state of South Carolina,” says Halushka.
These monies will fund a total of 11 programs on campus and through partnerships with the University of South Carolina, Health Sciences South Carolina, Clemson University, South Carolina State University, Claflin University, Greenwood Genetics Center, South Carolina Research Authority, and VA medical centers.

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