Helpful tips for cutting energy costs

As South Carolinians look to combat the heat of another summer without paying a heavy price on their electric bills, SCE&G has many helpful tips on how to save energy this summer. Spokesperson Roxanne Argo has these suggestions.
“Some of things we recommend include setting your thermostat to 78 degrees or above, if you can,” said Argo. “It really helps significantly decrease your cooling costs, especially in older homes. We also recommend customers install a programmable thermostat which helps maintain the comfort of your home when you’re there but it reduces your energy costs when you are not.”
Argo says installing a programmable thermostat is much simpler than it sounds. “You can find a programmable thermostat at any home hardware store and they’re very easy to install yourself in place of the thermostat you may have now,” she said.
She says keeping the sun out of the house helps to lower energy costs as well. “For instance, in my home I have pretty heavy drapes on the side of the house that the suns beats in the afternoon. During the day I keep those drapes closed.
“That way the sun isn’t shining through and heating up the whole back of my house.”
According to Argo, SCE&G offers plans to help its customers better budget their energy bills. “Budget billing is a program that SCE&G offers customers to help manage monthly energy use,” said Argo. “The way that is works is that we set you with a consistent payment every month.
“That way you know exactly what your energy bill is going to be every month and you can budget more accurately. Now there is additional information about budget billing on the website at”
Other tips include using a fan to supplement your air conditioning and turning it off when you leave the room.

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