Seat belt usage at record high

Four out of five motorists in South Carolina now wear their safety belts, more than ever before. The University of South Carolina conducted the study.
Office of Highway Safety Public Affairs Manager Beverly Harris says this is the first time the rate has climed higher than the 80 percent mark.   It’s now 81.5 percent. 
Officials attribute the progress to the Highway Patrol working together with local law enforcement to enforce the safety belt law, and also to greater public education efforts.
Harris says there are still some groups to reach. Women continue to be more likely than men to use safety belts, almost 88 percent, compared to 77 percent of men.
Rural motorists are a little less likely to use safety belts than urban occupants, 79 percent compared to more than 82 percent.  
White motorists buckle up more than other groups, almost 85 percent, compared to 74 percent.
And car occupants are more likely to wear safety belts than truck occupants, 84 percent compared to 75 percent, even though your chances of surviving a serious collision in a truck or van are better than in a car.

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