Sen. DeMint proposes new healthcare plan

Senator Jim DeMint is sponsor of the Healthcare Freedom Plan.
“People who have insurance and like it need to be able to keep it, we don’t need to tax it, we don’t need it to cost more. What we need to do is let people keep the plans that they’ve got if they like it. If they don’t get insurance at work, we need to give them fair tax treatment because if you get insurance at work, you get about a $5,000 tax benefit a year,” says DeMint.
DeMint says individuals that do not get their insurance through their employer, they need the same benefits, and that’s what his plan is all about.
“If you don’t get your health care at work, or don’t want it at work, you get $5,000 a year to buy health insurance for your family. You can take that money, you can buy a high deductible policy, put the rest in a savings account, or however you want to do it,” says DeMint.
DeMint says his plan is more efficient than the Obama Administration’s plan.
“They really are not interested in getting health insurance in the hands of every American. They want government to control health care. So, a plan like this that is so obvious says ‘hey, we can make a part of health care that works, work even better by being fair to all of those not getting insurance at work.’ So, I’ve introduced this plan, I’m gonna end it as an admendment to anything they bring to the floor. At least people will have a chance to vote if they want a freedom solution or if they want a government take-over,” says DeMint.
DeMint says he hopes the vote leans toward freedom, because he says his Healthcare Freedom Plan puts health insurance back in the hands of the person, not the government.

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