Help for finding affordable in-state vacations now on the web

In these tough economic times people need to escape from it all now more than ever with a little vacation time. The trick is to get it done on a budget that is most likely getting squeezed a little tighter this summer. The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the website, is coming to the rescue helping families around the state find affordable, interesting, and exciting vacation options close to home. Through a promotion called “Close-to-Home Escapes” information on special packages offered by South Carolina hotels to make vacations more affordable for families is centrally located on the website. founder Cynthia Legette Davis says the website she developed presents a statewide guide that leads people to attractions and events across the state from over 100 towns and cities in the Palmetto State.”Many of those events are free or nearly free. There is just so much that our state has to offer, but most people in our state don’t hear a lot about what goes on so the preception in many cases is that there is not a whole lot to do, but there is in fact a lot that our state has to offer in the way of events and attractions.”
Davis says the website can also help persons find interesting attractions in small towns, and quaint accomodations like bed and breakfast locations located “off the beaten path.”
Davis says since the promotion started in late May the number of “hits” on her website has doubled as families seek to find a place to escape not far from where they live. “We are able to offer to people who visit our website information on many options that are available, very affordable getaways that are close to where they live. We have listings from hotels in Myrtle Beach, Greenville, Charleston and all along the coast and we are constantly adding more.”
Davis says persons seeking affordable vacation spots in South Carolina will find easy to navigate through. “You are able to search for events by date, by city, by numerous categories like festivals, concerts, theatre, family events and sports. YOu can search based on what your interests are as well as what city you want to look for.”
Davis says most of the persons who use her website are from South Carolina, however persons from all 50 states and some foreign countries have now discovered and using it to find interesting places to vacation in the Palmetto State.

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