SC GOP party issues censure to governor

The South Carolina GOP party has issued a censure to Governor Mark Sanford after his announcement of an extramarital affair with Maria Chapur of Argentina.
SC GOP Chairwoman Karen FloydState GOP Chairwoman Karen Floyd says they had four options: “The Republican party could do nothing, they could issue a letter or resolution of support, they could issue a letter or and offer of resignation, or they could admonish him for whatever they choose to admonish him for, and that’s what a censure is,” says Floyd.
Floyd explains what the censure means: “Basically says we’re disappointed and it’s with great regret that we are offering this, but you could have gone one step further and asked for his resignation and then perhaps he would do nothing, and where does that put you? This is a way of drawing a line in the sand saying we don’t agree with it, we don’t accept it, but we as a party are moving on,” says Floyd.
Floyd says after issuing the censure to the governor, she’s ready for the party to get back on its feet and step forward.
“It says: ‘in borrowing further revelations will be the party’s last words on the matter,’ in other words, we’re not going to spend the next 18 months of our time re-chewing on this, instead we’re going to move on and deal with the issues that are important to the state of South Carolina and the Republican party. It’s a time to begin the process of healing. It’s a time, frankly, that we as a unified party with a unified voice going forward,” says Floyd.
The governor’s spokesman, Joel Sawyer, issued a statement from the governor that says: “No public events are currently scheduled for the remainder of the week. We will advise individually for any even added. Gov. Sanford will be working in Columbia for the rest of the week, with intermittent trips to Sullivan’s Island.
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