NC prison officials defend release of Burris

Suspected killer Patrick Burris was a career criminal paroled in Lincoln County North Carolina in late April. On Monday authorities said ballistic tests proved the 41-year-old was the man who shot five people to death and terrorized the Gaffney Community.
SLED chief Reggie Lloyd says the criminal justice system must answer why Patrick Burris was paroled in April. 
George Dudley, a spokesman for the North Carolina Department of Correction, says when Burris completed an almost 8-year sentence, they had no reason to hold him because his behavior wasn’t violent.
But Dudley acknowledges that Burris’ parole officer had trouble keeping-up with him after his release, and he says what happened was most unfortunate.
“His infractions in prison were things like misuse of tobacco, not violent behavior,” said Dudley .
Dudley says they do their best to correct an inmate’s behavior before they are released.  “We do our best to release inmates who will not be a problem. Unfortunately sometimes, as we all know, that is not the case.”
Dudley adds that the North Carolina Department of Correction is relieved that South Carolina residents can now breathe a sigh of relief.

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