Serial killer may be dead

Cherokee County police have been on the lookout for a suspect linked to five different killings last week in Gaffney. Now, a shoot-out in North Carolina may give the town of Gaffney a sigh of relief after the suspect’s vehicle in that shooting matches the description of the serial killer’s SUV. The suspect involved in Monday’s shooting was shot dead at the scene.
South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division spokeswoman Jennifer Timmons says that agents traveled to Gastonia, North Carolina after a fatal shootout. Police shot a man suspected of trying to break in a home in Gastonia. Timmons could not yet confirm if the shooting is linked to the recent shootings in Gaffney.
Police in Gastonia say before they shot the suspect, the man first gave a fake name, and then he opened fire.
The SUV was an early 90’s champagne-colored Ford, the same make and model the Gaffney serial killer was believed to be driving.
Police are still on scene investigating to find out if the man is indeed the wanted South Carolina serial killer.

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