Sen. Graham supports bill to reform healthcare

As many Americans struggle to find an affordable healthcare plan, the Wyden-Bennet Bill is a new bi-partisan effort that creates universal coverage under private healthcare plans for the United States. U.S. Lindsey Graham is a supporter of the bill.
Sen. Lindsey Graham“The two things that I am for is covering every American to make sure you’re in a healthcare plan, instead of running to the emergency room when you get sick, you have a physician home that can better treat you more preventive medicine, and that you buy your healthcare in a private sector through competition. Some people may want a health savings account, other people will want a different plan. For a single person you would buy Policy A, for a person with four kids you’d buy Policy B, that’s what I hope to have happen,” says Graham.
Graham recognizes that people that may not be able to afford these private insurance plans made through the state’s pool, but that’s why he backs voucher programs to help get these people the coverage they need.
When is comes to medicaid and medicare, Graham says his goal is to reform them.
“One, I’m advocating shared sacrifice. I’m advocating that people who can afford to pay more, should because these systems are coming more unraveled. Medicare is unsustainable as we know it. There’s $36 trillion underfunded and you can’t raise enough taxes to close the gap. What you do is you get new revenue by asking a guy like me, at my revenue to pay more and you modernize the program,” says Graham.
Graham says Medicaid should go to indigent, low income people where they can go and see their own doctor. He says the main component of Wyden-Bennett Bill that will benefit South Carolina citizens is the ability to choose one’s own doctor and have that doctor treat him or her as an individual.
Graham says with this bill, that has the support of six Republicans and six Democrats, he sees brighter days for small businesses.
“Right now every employer who provides healthcare gets a tax deduction. I would take that away from employers and give it to individuals so we could go buy our own policies. Over time that would help business. If you could allow individuals to make purchases using the tax code to help them, it would take a lot of pressure off employers,” says Graham.
Graham says the last thing a doctor wants is a federal government bureaucrat standing in between them in the patient, the bill he supports would make the doctor-patient relationship more private.
Every state would have, what Graham calls, a “one-stop-shop,” where a person could sit down and look at all the private insurance options available, and the plans best suited for that person or family.

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