Sanford holding on

A reporter says Governor Mark Sanford has backed out of a promise to release personal financial records proving he did not use state money for trips to see his mistress. A spokesman says the governor does not want to discuss personal matters in the media anymore. 
Meanwhile, the majority of state Senate Republicans are calling for Sanford’s resignation. U.S. Senator Jim Demint and Congressman Gresham Barrett say he should “do the right thing.”
Spokesman Joel Sawyer says, “The governor has given a full and truthful account and he is finished discussing this matter. He is focused on being governor, on rebuilding his marriage, and on building back the trust of South Carolinians.”
University of South Carolina Professor Bob Oldendick says Sanford’s basic instinct is to stay on.  “He must really believe that there is some agenda that he can further and if he’s not in office there’s no chance of doing that.  But he certainly would be in a weakened position with this whole matter being brought up in the process.” 
Senate Democratic leader John Land says it is imperative that the state Budget and Control Board ensure that all emails to and from the Governor’s Office are preserved and that all pertinent records in that office are maintained and not destroyed.”
Oldendick says Sanford knows he’s a “lameduck” politician for the year and a half, but probably hopes to continue to push some of his policy inniatives including school choice and government restructuring.   “This last year is his last shot.  He has made some inroads.  But all this has made any future progress that much more difficult.”

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