McConnell: Governor has lost support

As many state lawmakers call for Governor Mark Sanford to resign after he admitted to an extramarital affair, Senate President Pro Tem Glenn McConnell of Charleston says the decision is the governor’s alone.
Senator Glenn McConnellI have not called for his resignation, I think it is a decision that he’s got to make, and the question will be decided on the basis of can he remained focused?” says McConnell.
McConnell said in a statement Wednesday, “He can either be a great asset or a tremendous liability. Neither I nor my colleagues in the General Assembly can require that the Governor resign,” McConnell went on to say, “the governor has lost the support of the people that is needed to govern. Therefore, I would ask the governor to look into his heart and decide whether with his family situation and the public uproar if he can lead our state for the remainder of his term.”
McConnell also made references to what a governor is called to do. He said in the statement, “The governor is to the citizens of this state, the people of the United States, and those around the world. He’s the face of our state government.”

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