Horry County fire contained

This time of year, the dry, hot, and windy weather allows fires to spark and spread easier. Wednesday, the Horry County Fire Rescue and South Carolina Forestry Commission were called to a woods fire in Horry County. Scott Hawkins with the Forestry Commission was there.
“A truck went by on Highway 31 near the sixth mile marker there and blew a tire, perhaps the rim maybe, caused some sparks. So we had a small wild fire that blew about two to three acres,” says Hawkins.
Hawkins says the fire is now contained, and as of today, no homes or people were affected by the fire. However, he says they are still seeing activity from the April wildfires that consumed over 20,000 acres.
“What we think happened in some spots might have been a lightning strike, but whatever the cause, we’ve seen some evidence of re-burn. That doesn’t mean that we are going to see another huge wild fire, what it does mean is that there are some fuels in there that have decided to go ahead a burn, at this late of date, which is common,” says Hawkins.
And Hawkins says there’s no need to panic, they’re ready.
“We’re always prepared to respond to wild fires. I think, certainly, everybody’s more sensitive right now having dealt with what happened in April. Horry County’s always prepared and we’re always prepared. What people are seeing in the last couple of days are the kinds of fires that we respond to two to three thousand times a year,” says Hawkins.
Due to the sensitivity the April wild fires brought, Hawkins says they are seeing even the smallest fires showing up on the radar.

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