Sanford says no to AP, Democratic senators react

Democratic leaders in the South Carolina State Senate are criticizing Governor Mark Sanford’s refusal to release travel documents to the Associated Press. The AP says the governor agreed to provide them with proof that he paid for his trips to see his mistress, Maria Chapur in Argentina and in New York.
Governor’s Office Communications Director Joel Sawyer today said,”The governor has given a full and truthful account, and he is finished discussing this matter. He is focused on being governor, on rebuilding his marriage, and on building back the trust of South Carolinians.”
There was no mention about sharing travel documents.
The state attorney general has officially called for the state law enforcement division to review those documents.
Clarendon Senator John Land and other SC Senate Democrats say they do not trust Sanford. Land in a release, stated, “This is a very serious development. The Governor continues to demonstrate erratic and deceptive behavior that concerns me very much. It is imperative that the state Budget and Control Board ensure that all emails to and from the Governor’s office are preserved and that all pertinent records in that office are maintained and not destroyed.”
Phil Bailey, spokesman for the Senate Democratic Caucus says a few Senate leaders are calling for Sanford to resign, including Senator Joel Lourie of Richland and Senator Glenn Reece of Spartanburg.
Bailey adds, “Senator Land said today he (Sanford) has been given every reason to resign, but ultimately, it’s the governor’s decision.”

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