Bauer: Governor shining negative light on SC

Lt. Governor Andre Bauer says Governor Mark Sanford’s new affair details, released Tuesday, are hurting the state’s reputation.
Bauer says the negative attention Sanford’s scandal is getting is shining a bad light on the state. Tuesday, the governor admitted to having more encounters with his mistress, Maria Chapur of Argentina, than he announced a week ago. He also confessed to seeing other women before Chapur, but never crossed the “sex” line.
Now that Senate Republicans and newspapers across South Carolina are calling for Sanford to resign, if that were to happen, Bauer would take over as governor for the next 18 months. The lieutenant governor spoke with reporters in Myrtle Beach Tuesday after the news and said it’s not his place to say what the governor should do. But, when asked what he would do if he were Sanford he said: “I would find myself away from everybody for a few days, pray, talk with immediate family members and friends, and a lot of soul searching.” Bauer also said people should not be so quick to judge when they may not know the situation and all of the facts.

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