Graham discusses health care

Senator Lindsay Graham

Senator Lindsay Graham was in South Carolina¬†Monday and his main agenda was to address national health care reform. Though he fielded questions about his good friend, Governor Mark Sanford, Graham was insistent that the nation and state need to slow down a Democratic push for publicly-run health care.”When you go into a government run system, you get what the government says you can have when the government says you can have it (and) not when the doctor says you need it,” said Graham. “That’s the one thing I’ve heard from the hospitals and the doctors is that they don’t want federal government beaurocrats standing in between them and the patient deciding which treatments you get and when you get it.
“That would be a disaster. It would destroy the existing programs.”
Senator Graham and colleagues have a better alternative. He says, “I do believe we need to come up with a new system. In that regard, I am on a bipartisan bill with six Democrats and six Republicans–the Wyden-Bennett bill–that will allow private choice, private purchases of health care, but would mandate that every American be covered.”
He draws a parallel between health insurance and car insurance. According to Graham, “In South Carolina, you cannot drive a car without car insurance. We have 40-something million uninsured. I think that it is in our national interest to make sure every American is covered by an insurance plan and that insurance plan should be purchased by individual Americans or through their employers in the private sector.”
Listen to Interview with Graham on new health care proposaldetails MP3  13:17

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