Governor's affair fires legislative feud

Governor Mark Sanford admits having an affair with Maria Chapur of Argentina, and now some members of the General Assembly have called for the governor to resign. Senator Jake Knotts of Lexington is one of Sanford’s biggest opponents, and asked SLED Chief Reggie Lloyd for a full investigation last week.
Senator Jake Knotts“I’m asking formally today the State Law Enforcement Division of South Carolina to conduct this investigation. At which time, I have spoken with Chief Lloyd, and he has agreed to do so,” says Knotts.
Senate President Pro Tem Glenn McConnell of Charleston has a different view.
Senator Glenn McConnell“I have not called for his resignation, I think that is a decision he’s got to make, and the question will be decided on the basis of can he remained focused?” says McConnell.
Knotts says there’s a bigger picture.
“Without anybody at the helm of this state to lead it, the office that he asked to be elected to with provisions to transfer power in the event of an emergency. And, the other big picture is the misuse and misappropriations of taxpayer’s money,” says Knotts.
As many people are pointing fingers at who’s to blame for the public spotlight of the governor’s affair, McConnell says Knotts had a role in bringing this to light.
“Mark Sanford went after Senator Knotts about a year ago, and they spent an enormous amount of money up there in the Republican primary trying to do in Senator Knotts. So, he and Senator Knotts became political enemies, and Senator Knotts is the one, it appears to me, at least, it’s my opinion, he’s the one who’s put the press on this thing, and apparently has done a lot to develop it and get the facts out there,” says McConnell.
*WTMA’s Rocky D provided┬áSenator McConnell audio.

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