Governor welcomes SLED investigation, tells all to AP

Gov. Mark Sanford

Governor Mark Sanford says he is pleased that the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) will look into travel issues caused by his recent trip to Argentina to see his mistress.
Attorney General Henry McMaster says that new information released by the governor to the Associated Press compells him to ask for a review of Sanford’s travel records.
Late Tuesday, Gov. Mark Sanford’s office released the following statement on Attorney General McMaster calling for a preliminary investigation: “We’re pleased that SLED will look into this matter,” Gov. Sanford said. “There’s been a lot of speculation and innuendo on whether or not public moneys were used to advance my admitted unfaithfulness. To be very clear: no public money was ever used in connection with this. We believe the best way to put those questions to rest once and for all is for SLED to ask these questions, and we plan on cooperating fully.”

Senator Jake Knotts says he has asked SLED for the same. His concern is not only the travel, but for Sanford’s unaccounted for absence:
“If a state employee is out of work for three days with no notice, they’re fired. What is the difference? Is it a double standard to ask our citizens who work for the state to be under one rule and one regulation and the governor to be under another?  That’s wrong, ” says the Lexington senator.
Also on Tuesday, the Associated Press released a lengthy, tell-all interview given by Sanford in the SC Governor’s Office at the Statehouse. He spoke of other women and his personal feelings toward his wife and his mistress.
This prompted the SC Democratic Party to renew their call for the investigation. Party Chair Carol Fowler says, “This latest admission from Mark Sanford is precisely the reason why we’ve pushed the Attorney General and Republican legislative leaders to investigate all of the Governor’s activities related to his extramarital affair. ”
Excerpts from McMaster Interview MP3  3:30

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