BEA Chr says SC will loose momentum if Sanford resigns

The South Carolina Board of Economic Advisors Chairman says if Governor Mark Sanford were to resign now following the controversy of his affair with a woman in Argentina, it would hurt the state. John Rainey says Sanford should stay put.
“No question about, and it’s in the best interest of the state, ” says Rainey.  “And we all need to work together to make his last 18 months successful.  Enough is enough.  We’ve experienced our angst.  It’s over now.  Let’s move on.”
Rainey says if the governors change now, there would be a loss of momentum.   “When you have a change of administrations you have cabinet replacements, other resignations, you have to reassemble the governor’s office.  You lose total focus and you lose the playbook that this governor has used.” 
Chairman Rainey says Sanford has actually been somewhat productive as a job creator.   “This governor has not been completely unsuccessful, as some of his detractors would say.  Go to the Department of Commerce and you’ll see that they have brought in jobs, just not enough jobs.  That’s the problem, that we’re at 12 percent unemployment.”

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