Attorney General calls for investigation into Sanford trips

Attorney General Henry McMaster has called for a SLED investigation of Governor Mark Sanford’s travel records. Sanford revealed during an interview Tuesday that he has seen his Argentine mistress more times than previously disclosed.One of the people who called for the investigation was Fairfield Representative Boyd Brown.
Brown says he wants to know if the Governor used any taxdollars connected to the affair.  “I want to know if taxpayers dollars paid for any part of trips to Argentina, did they pay for phone calls from the Governor’s residence, did he go on a Commerce Department trip and use tax dollars.” 
In a release Tuesday Sanford said that he’s pleased that SLED will look into the matter. He re-emphasized that no public money was used and he said that he will cooperate fully with the investigation.
Brown first asked McMaster for the investigation last Thursday, and renewed his call with a second letter sent Monday, which questioned if the Attorney General had not called for an investigation because of party politics.
Brown says his motivation is simple.  “We’ve been getting some half-truths from the Governor’s Office and the people of South Carolina need to know the whole truth.” 
Sanford has already admitted to visiting with Maria Chapur during a development trip to Argentina a year ago and said that he would pay for the Argentine leg of that trip.
But Brown says a complete investigation is still very necessary.   “I think Al Capone would have liked that deal.  You know what I mean–you take the money and if you get caught, you repay the money?  I don’t think that’s how it works.   I don’t think that if I stole money and said a year later, if I got caught, that I would repay the money, I don’t think the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office would appreciate that approach and I don’t think the taxpayers would either.”

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