Sen. Graham: We're a party of sinners

Senator Lindsay Graham supports Governor Mark Sanford after the governor’s announcement last week of a year-long affair.
“If he can get his family back together, people are pretty fair in this country. Bill Clinton had his problems. People looked at his job performance, they looked at his personal failings and they said, ‘you know what, we’re gonna put one over here and the other over there’,” says Graham.
During former President Bill Clinton’s affair scandal, Graham voted as a House member to impeach the president. Graham made his comments about Sanford’s scandal in an exclusive NBC “Meet the Press” interview, where he commented on the effects Sanford’s affair may have on the Republican party as a whole.
“I think we’re a party of sinners just like every other group in America. But, we’re also a party that openly talks about good things. It is good for Mark and Jenny to get back together, if that’s possible,” says Graham.
Sanford was in his Sullivan’s Island home over the weekend, where he said he did consider resigning after announcing the affair, but he said that would have been the easy way out.
Sanford’s mistress, 41-year-old Maria Belen Chapur of Argentina, would not talk openly about her private life. The only matter she made a statement on to a news network in Buenos Aires, was that she suspects she knows who hacked into her email account to retrieve the email exchanges between her and the governor, but does not yet have proof.

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