McConnell says governor should focus

Some members of the General Assembly are calling for Governor Mark Sanford to resign after his “disappearing” trip to Argentina to see his mistress. Senate President Pro Tem Glenn McConnell has his own thoughts:

Senator Glenn McConnell

“I have not called for his resignation. I think this is a decision he’s got to make, and the question will be decided on the basis of can he remain focused? Can he remain focused on administering the affairs of government? Can he remain focused on job development and economic development, which, to me, is the number one critical thing facing the state at this particular hour of this recession,” says McConnell.
McConnell says there are ways that the governor can make the decision.
“He’s gonna have to make that judgment based on how his reaction is with the people, how the public is. The question becomes for him to become disqualified in office on a legal standpoint, he either has to violate the laws intentionally, or engage in an intentional violation of the South Carolina Constitution,” says McConnell.
As details continue to unravel about Sanford’s affair, McConnell explains how the two ways he believes the governor could be removed in further detail.
“If the affairs indicate that he deliberately and intentionally circumvented the Constitution so no one could know where he was and leave the state without anybody in control, that’s gonna increase the clamor for his removal. The other thing would be to subvert public resources and use them in an intentional way for personal gain,” says McConnell.
*Charleston affiliate WTMA’s Rocky D helped provide sound.

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