SLED Chief: No charges, but I'd like wrap him in bubble wrap

SLED Director Reggie Lloyd

South Carolina Law Enforcement Chief Reggie Lloyd says he doesn’t currently foresee any criminal charges resultant of Governor Sanford’s disappearing to Argentina for several days. Sanford went to the airport in a SLED-issue vehicle.
Lloyd says his agency first became involved Saturday when they encountered a rumor that Sanford’s vehicle was reported speeding. But Lloyd says when Sanford’s staff told him they knew his whereabouts, SLED was not concerned, until it became obvious that his location WAS uncertain.
Lloyd says there is currently no investigation.  “I’ve been around the federal and state system.  And one thing I will not do is criminalize politics.  If someone brings us something legitimate, we’ll take a look at it.  If someone just wants us to go around and talk to people, we don’t do that.” 
Sanford has said he has no plans to resign from office. He opened Friday’s Special Cabinet meeting with an apology to his staff, including Lloyd.
Lloyd says even though he was the first whom the governor singled out for an apology, Lloyd says it wasn’t necessary, even though he accepts his apology.  “Bottom line is, if your heart  doesn’t go out to someone who has had to live this out publicly with his  wife and children, then in my opinion something’s wrong with you.  My heart goes out to his wide and boys.  And I can’t imagine what he’s personally going through.” 
Lloyd says there is no statutory requirement that SLED know the governor’s whereabouts. But Lloyd wants that to change.  “I’d like to wrap him in bubble wrap and be 24 hours around him.  But that’s what we’ve said all along, since I’ve been here, anyway.  We’d like a model much more like the federal model.  We can provide protection 24/7, and at the same time respect the governor’s privacy.”

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