Gov. Sanford apologizes to Cabinet

Governor Mark Sanford started his Cabinet meeting Friday afternoon with another apology.
Cabinet Room“I wanted generally to apologize to every one of ya’ll for letting you down. I’ve been making legislative calls throughout the morning and yesterday afternoon on my way back from Sullivan’s, apologizing to them, saying I’m sorry,” says Sanford.
Sanford did not go into much more detail than that in the meeting. He did mention his wife and sons, deeply apologizing to them. The governor spent most of Thursday with his family at their beach house on Sullivan’s Island, on the Charleston coast.
First Lady Jenny Sanford released a statement that said she had known about her husband’s affair with Maria Chapur of Argentina since January after she found a letter addressed to the governor. She is now focusing on the livelihood of the couple’s four boys.
Governor Sanford mentioned in the meeting that he did not have to be present for everyone else in the Cabinet to do their jobs properly. As for now, business is usual.

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